What you should know

Here are many reasons that a mail piece can be rejected for Automation rates, Non Profit rates, or in some cases Bulk mail rates. Following are some of the most common.

Automation Rates require the mail piece to either be sealed in an envelope or tabbed closed so that it will easily run through the USPS machinery. If you are sending a folded self mailer and have designed your piece to open at the bottom with the folded edge at the top, you will be required to apply 2 tabs to be machined (by the USPS). If you were to turn your mailing panel over so that it may fold with the opening at the top you are only required to have 1 tab closing the piece. This cuts your tabbing charges in half.

Return Addresses should always be printed above the Addressee on the mailing panel. A popular trend among designers is to put the return address along the bottom edge of or halfway down the mailing piece. This practice may result in the USPS machines reading your address instead of the address you are meaning it to go to.

Return Envelopes included in your mail campaign is an effective way to receive donations, or mail orders back from those addressees. Remember that in order to take advantage of Automation rates your return envelope must have a barcode on it, even though they will be sending it back to you with a first class stamp, the Postal Service requires that it be automated upon return.

Post Cards are a great way to reduce printing charges and still get your message out there. The most frequently made mistake here is what we call the ‘black line’. A common practice of post card designers is to put a black vertical line down the middle of the mailing side to separate the mailing panel on the right from the message on the left. The problem for us is to not have room to fit the address and barcode between the line and the edge of the piece. The problem for the Post Office is that the line interferes with the ability to read the barcode. In order to address properly we need at least 3 ½” of space and that needs to be ¼” from the edge so we actually need 3 ¾” to 4” for addressing.

Non Profit Organizations are required by the USPS to have their return address on the mail piece appear exactly as it appears on the paperwork you have filed with them. If you wish to use a different return address on your mail piece or if you wish to mail out of a different Post Office you can contact your local USPS Bulk Mail Dept. for instructions on how to accomplish this.

We are always available to answer your mailing questions. If we don’t know the answer, we will find out for you or provide you with the appropriate resources.
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